Friday, 27 August 2010

Solo Projects I got droppin this year

There seems to be nuff confusion bout what releases I got comin out this year, so I'ma break it down now so you can't fix it.

On the 3rd September 2010 I'm droppin my FIRST FREE DOWNLOAD 'Good Food Rap - The Leftovers'.

This is basically a collection of songs which didn't make my first mixtape for whatever reason but were still bangin. I made a lot of music during and since dat time so I threw on old collabs, freestyles and songs from between 2006 and 2009 all free. I also put some new shit on including all the songs I put videos out for this year and last. That should keep you occupied for a couple months.

 Straight After that I'll be dropping 'Good Food Rap - Reheated' A collection of the best remixes from the Good Food Rap acapella competition I did earlier in the year.

In November I'll be droppin 'The Naked Soul of Big Ben EP' produced entirely by Show n Prove 
couple previews can get found on 'The Leftovers'.  Some big singles comin of dat you lot ain't even heard yet 'Scuff it out' ft Genesis Elijah & Stylah and 'Can't Pay Won't Pay' ft Lullaby are the ones to watch for.

Finally me an Mkay Ultra have basically already almost done a whole album so watch this space for its release

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