Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Good Food Rap - The Leftovers

Its finally here people my first ever free download (I know i'm slippin), but Good Food Comes to those who ate I present the 'The Leftovers' a collection of songs I've made since or that didn't make my first mixtape Good Food Rap. a few exclusives, features and previews from my upcoming projects 'The Naked Soul of Big Ben EP' and 'Eastern Promises' somethin to burn the leaves away this autumn.


Its got expensive heat from producers like Show n Prove,  Mkay UltraBig JTom Caruana, 184, Tony Mahoney, Bigga roadman, Dj Flip, Poppa Sprinkle and Sir- B. Street Surahs from Ndubz, Baker Trouble, Random Impulse, Spilla, Lullaby, Propane, Chany, Terawrizt,  Ragz Sweet Jones, Dash Gambino, SuparNovar, Bigga Roadman, Frank the Councillor, Ez Raw, Alicia Keys and Venicia.

The leftovers was mixed by Show n Prove on sum real Hip Hop shit our EP will drop in November look out for our single 'Scuff It Out' an watch dis space to see the trailers for the video.

The Greasiest cover in the game was designed by the Sultry Sugarlesque who also designed the covers to 'Good Food Rap' and 'Music for Miss Peaches' she goin hard on dem hood asthetics, but don't ask her to do yours coz dats not her job. She only hooks up real niggas period!

Shout to my girl Gloria she got barz

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Finsbury Park Psalms - Pressure

been slippin on the bloggin lately, sorry people been puttin in a lot of work. I ain't even dropped no word on where the 'The Leftovers' been lurkin My bad. Its been ready for a while but I wanted to leave a lil gap n let you lot listen to the Danny Bones Mixtape and Ragz and Novars album some classic street surahs for the needy kidz.

Before all dat though heres a new video I did the otha day with ZeeTvd my favouritest video since 'I'm ready'

See how fuckin busy I been you lot should appreciate. Shouts to the the Zeetvd workout plan an the hundred miles of runnin I did for dis vid. Special shout out to Mkay Ultra who channelled dat sidney poitier, he ain't neva looked dat concerned bout my black ass, bout to start an actin class in the bits

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Tupac Shakur and Mike Tyson loved each other (no homo)

Mickey Rourke was friends with Tupac and Mike Tyson dat makes me like all 3 of dem more

This is one of the hardest documentries I seen on Pacs murder, it centres on the friendship between Tupac and Tyson. The way they got poets and comics strips makes the whole ting kinda epic. If you don't know by now Tupac and Tyson are folk heroes of the have nots 4 real, you can't even dis these man around me I will take it personal. its around half and hour long but its worth it.

Friday, 3 September 2010

love in the ghetto - wag1tv

I know i'm probably late, but if you haven't seen this show its jokes sexy shout to Sugarlesque for the heads up.

This is the first episode I seen Salute to the yout who says 'Am I a dick in life blood' hes looks like Frank James Jones' lil bruva i'm post up some otha ones lata. The Interviewer guy keeps it icy he come like good cop bad cop in one man the amout he gets out of dese people he should get a job as a bailiff, but hes a bit of dick head really the way I see it.  These lot have it though, so they deserve it plus i'm always a fan of general disrespect

Tragedy Khadafi- "Cryin On The Inside"

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Ramdamn Mubarak Lord be with all Muslims this Ramadan InshAllah

Carni Carnage

I'm still in recovery from the Carni Carnage had a bangin time, went down twizled lost Ragz got more twizled den ended up goin home wid the piffest ting at Carni. Missed the Dead Prez Show though so pissed heard it was crazy. next time they come i'm dere an dey best perfoorm dis song one of my favourite songs of all time

Lori Perry Up against The Wind

I was watchin set if off the otherday dis song plays when Queen Latifah gets deaded I swear I give this to like 20 producers no ones ever come back wid what i've been lookin for, barz is hard doe have a listen

Big Pun & Cormega- Rhyme For Rhyme

Rip Big Pun We miss you my nigga


Rip Tupac Shakur We miss you my nigga

Get Up Stand Up - Littleman @LOL Show - Harrow, September 08

Some up n comin London Talent littleman who hosted the welcome home Ragz Sweet Jones showcase, an co-host cut the chat with Damon. A real natural comedian, I was performin at his first show an hes hood funny 'If the hood love it the world gone love it'

Durty Dialogue - Aziz Ansari Talks About R. Kelly

Mkay Ultra showed me dis the otha day wen we was recording. Aziz Ansari is funny in a mad awkward way and R Kelly's just funny

This is the song they talk about in the interview I swear its bangin, R Kelly is a sly genius at making songs about sex using subjects dat just ain't got nothin to do wid it.


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