Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Critical Commentary

I swear down I love the comments I get on my youtube videos - the niggas dat feel my shit should be comedians.

Dere was actually a comment debate on whether my T shirt was dirty or not, I ain't even gonna correct no one let the people decide.

A lot of people say Ice cube looks like me but I fink its just coz he looks South African.
Fuk it real talk no one got harder fans than me

Heres a link to my youtube page I ain't fixed it up proppa yet but check it for some live exclusives.

link to big ben youtube channel !!!!!!!!!!!


Nicki droppin some Jewelz for ladies dat want to keep dere man

I heard she likes english accents too - I would definitely split some personalities wid her

Infamous Mobb ft. Prodigy of Mobb Deep - We Work for This

This song remind me of summer evenings in the 90's red eyes n red skies

The Reason Why Tupac Shot The 2 Off Duty Police Officers (Morpreme Inter...

This is why Tupac is my favourite rapper of all time
niggas need to start givin a fuck when it ain't they turn to

Monday, 28 June 2010


Tokyo Grindhouse Mafia are my Ugandan, Grenadian, Zimbabwean,  Japanese niggas.

click to read

Brassfoot aka Carnage and MrTikini aka Slim Pickins used to live in the bits and moved out to Japan a few years back.  We go way back (more on the history anotha time you can’t have it all) n Brassfoot just moved back to London so we should be hookin up soon. Dere blog  is arrd! Make sure you check it in my links they just put a post up on me and Ragz. Planning to make a run out to Tokyo To check Tikini real soon.

 Heres a link to the facbook group I need a grind Queen right about now
link to facebook group

link to tokyo grindhouse blog

PEOPLES ARMY at the Rhythm Factory - friday 4th June

I shoulda dun a write up on dis night a while back but I couldn’t be bothered - fuck it anyway. 

The People’s Army night was livo - it come like a hood Kung Fu night. It started out kinda slow but just got better as the night went on. Me, Ragz n Novar did a crazy set - mad messy n a bit rushed but the crowd was with us. I put some footage up but theres plenty more of all the acts that night online.

Logic and Big Cakes hosted and kept the night bubblin. Highlights of the night for me were Genesis Elijah - he went in ! Came out lookin like the black Bruce Banner, I swear down the earth shook when he jumped off stage and Amy Othieno who came out wid live drummer Josh n went all out - she looked like she caught the spirit. It was the first time I see Pesci perfom n I felt the whole vibe, Pariz1, Jai and Nutty P all had hard sets, Nutty P always cracks me up. If I didn’t mention you I was probably smoking when you was on stage - or you were shit. 

It was good to see a lot of old and new faces down there showin love; Mr Ti2bs came out droppin some jewelz on me, Menace, Ja Ja Soze, Burgundy Brick from 2000 Fast Women and Auntie Peaches who came out to support - if you ain’t seen her in Peckham School for girls on BB3 your missin out, she steals the show. It was also a birthday celebration for the sexiest PR in the game so she brought out the stable to shake a tail feather, even a couple of my Co-d’s come down - good night all round.

Peoples Army are making some big moves this year so make sure you come out to the THE PEOPLES ARMY OPEN MIKE EVENT tonite !!!

Monday, 28 June 2010 @ GRAFFITI KINGS - UNIT1, CENTRAL PLACE, PORTLAND RD, LONDON SE25 4PR really you should leave now!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Louis Prima - Just a gigolo

Just got back from the Swindon show - it was mad funny, I'll put a write up about it lata ...

Was watchin the new show by the guys dat made The Wire called "Treme" the otha day an they started blazin the hard Louis Prima, dis ain't the song they put in the show, but this song is dedicated to all the lovely ladies who have been goin all out for dis lil peice of sun, remember Big Ben is never too far away 

Durty Dialogue - Ghostface

Truesay I put the Ghostface video up to welcome the sun, so I thought I'd bless you wid this interview.

Women : listen to the knowledge before you give the brains.

Real talk, me n Ragz was talkin bout how deres a lotta hatin on hoes goin on from both sexes dese days, but Tony breaks it down righteously still.

Ghostface Killah - The Sun (ft. Raekwon The chef And Slick Rick

"Some say the summer makes a woman more sexual its instinct dats why my game be right on schedule"

Somethin dedicated to all my sunny people enjoyin the UV charges

Thursday, 24 June 2010


Found out about this on a last minute.com ting 
Words hollered so I will be performin - don't quite know what yet but it will be live, make sure you come down.

at Apartment, Havelock Square, Swindon SN1 1LE

10pm - 5am

click here to go to the facebook event

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

New Dead Prez Mixtape

New dead prez mixtape they ain't dropped one I've heard since 'get free or die tryin' back in the day lets get free used to get the cold rinse so I need to go bump this laterz

Sunday, 20 June 2010


Fliplife TV is brand new run by Suparnovar and Danny bones catch exclusive Flip show footage and new hood vids dropping on the regs. These waters – new vid by Supar Novar is poppin off right now we call dat the ATL Birthday Anthem 



ZeeTvd been peoples from way back when he was hustlin holloway wid a Jackson 5 Afro lookin like the mushroom from super mario. 

Hes another one whose been runnin round catchin the hardest freestyles, exclusive footage and droppin general hood knowledge; check it out for exculsive behind the scenes  footage of some the biggest artists in the game right now i’ll be postin some Zeetvd freestyle classics soon watch 4 'phathom the thoughts’ 



For those of you who don’t know UkOverstood are my family. In fact I made Good Food Rap with my boy Big J when I first landed road he was the only other person who saw the vision and brought all the singers through and nuff of the producers . I seen the site come up and i’m mad proud of my peoples seeing the work they put in , I mean I seen mandem start hustling n pullin 72hour shifts back 2 back shootin vid after vid, so I’m mad proud of my niggas.

Its funny how many peoples from the ends are finding success I swear down if the hood love it the world love it. Make sure you check some of the older vids i’ll be puttin up some Ukoverstood Classics but good food comes to those who wait


Instant Karma

'Pigs underestimate our numbers in the street when we gather the earth will tremble from the rumble of our feet' - Big Ben

Footage of a Free palestine protest where the police had to be controlled by the people - you know how out of hand they can get


New Ragz Sweet Jones Ukoverstood Vid "IM JUST A MAN" off the forth coming 'Music for Ms Peaches' project produced by Supar Novar


New Shit from FLIPLIFE veteran Supar Novar
These waters – new vid is poppin off right now from Finsbury to ATL its a good look

Durty Dialogue - O.D.B.

My boy Ragz Sweet Jones did a interview in Kinloch Park the otherday - shouts to Jasper i'll be postin dat as soon as everyone can agree on the final edit. Anyway I was talkin to the sexiest PR in the the world and Ragz manager about what makes a good interview, but its like I always say if you can't tell em show em.

Check the Durty Dialouge label for the hardest interviews old n new. I had to start out with the hardest interviwer of our generation, Osirus the God aka Big Baby Jesus aka Old Dirty Bastard.

Get Up Stand Up

I'm gonna to start postin more although I don't wanna be on some Joe Budden shit for real.

Check the label Get Up Stand Up i'm gonna show you all my favorite funny people so thought I'd start out with a real underrated bitch by the name of Luenell - Power to the Pum pum

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

REPREZENT dvd launch party

people are always complaining I don't tell em about my shows well heres one that should be kinda crazy line ups hard and I heard theres a live band jammin as well

Friday 9th July 2010

REPREZENT dvd launch party
The Tilgate Pub, Ashdown Drive, Crawley, United Kingdom

Douglas the 'Roots and culture' lawyer

This guys hard

Nathaniel the Accountant

some more Real Mckoy I took my mum to see this Felix Dexter in Edmonton on her Birthday couple years back hes mad funny


I was debating wid Genesis Elijah about why Real McKoy don't get shown on uk gold and I was telling him how my boy Isa broke down to me that the show got cancelled because Leo Muhammed wrote some 5% knowledge into the show after he joined Nation of Islam anyway I managed to find the sketch its joke still its partly the reason why the show won't get the shine it deserves

Saturday, 12 June 2010



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