Friday, 27 August 2010

Solo Projects I got droppin this year

There seems to be nuff confusion bout what releases I got comin out this year, so I'ma break it down now so you can't fix it.

On the 3rd September 2010 I'm droppin my FIRST FREE DOWNLOAD 'Good Food Rap - The Leftovers'.

This is basically a collection of songs which didn't make my first mixtape for whatever reason but were still bangin. I made a lot of music during and since dat time so I threw on old collabs, freestyles and songs from between 2006 and 2009 all free. I also put some new shit on including all the songs I put videos out for this year and last. That should keep you occupied for a couple months.

 Straight After that I'll be dropping 'Good Food Rap - Reheated' A collection of the best remixes from the Good Food Rap acapella competition I did earlier in the year.

In November I'll be droppin 'The Naked Soul of Big Ben EP' produced entirely by Show n Prove 
couple previews can get found on 'The Leftovers'.  Some big singles comin of dat you lot ain't even heard yet 'Scuff it out' ft Genesis Elijah & Stylah and 'Can't Pay Won't Pay' ft Lullaby are the ones to watch for.

Finally me an Mkay Ultra have basically already almost done a whole album so watch this space for its release

All Girl Prep Choir Sings "B*tches Aint Sh*t"!

This is shit cracked me up these bitches go hard. I was just talkin bout the chronic album wid producer Mkay Ultra the otha day on how different it sounds even now to everything else you hear even now

Sunday, 22 August 2010


LMAO Tthis song is so bangin till the white guy at the end

I was siftin thru the cut the chat launch Pics an found this guy and decided he deserves his own post (no homo).

Cut The Chat

Cut the Chat has been runnin for a lil while now its chat show set in a barbershop and has a bunch of celebrity hosts and guests.  H.N.I.C is  by my barber Damon (shout to Slider, and Rocky) co-hosted Femi Oyeniran, Kym Jay, DJ Ace and Little Man And introducing Christiana Mbakwehe’s always been a entertainer and the shows a good look, it happens everyday at the barbershop anyway they may as well film it an get some of dat adverstisin paper. I’ll postin episodes as they drop but subscribe peoples.

This video has Dj Spooney as the main guest he goes in on Tim Westwood for disrespect shown in a hilarious interview with Craig David so disrespectful. Damon hollered me out the blue to come down to the shop he asked me if i’m still spittin I said ‘yeah’ he said ‘come down to the shop at 7:00pm’ I was like cool. I got dere an he says ‘you gotta go head to head with this nex yout (who weren’t there yet) an we’ll judge whose best I thought ‘bless, but let me go yard an change’ he was like ‘theres no time’. Me not even knowing about the whole thing had arragned to meet up with Ukoverstood an hour later. Damon kidnapped me in that shop for over 3 hours of waiting an filming. Funny show though laughed the whole time. I was so twist  tryna act bless, but i think it affected my performance! still went hard though tell me what you think

I also heard on the grape vine (last time i got a trim) they’re expanding the whole project so keep an eye for updates. 
Below are some pics from the launch bout a month back the website has the latest webisode guest starring Natalie from floetry who addresses her problems wid Marsha and is kinda funny herself  all the episodes are good though.

Cut the Chat Launch
Damon the Barber an friend

Friday, 20 August 2010

A love like this - Tajie ft Big Ben

This is a song a jumped on couple months back for upcoming singer Tajie. Its on his new 'Commercialz mixtape'. I'll put the download link soon as I find it, but its a very good look anyway I go hard as usual av a gander, eargasims for the lady listeners.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Durty Dialogue Dennis Brown 1982

Dennis Brown been one of my favorite regge artist of all time him an Peter Tosh. this interview is him talkin bout his influences mostly the music that inspired him, when he sings Nat KING Coles 'Autumn leaves' his voice is like warm gravel melting snow

shouts to Uncs who was droppin nuff knowledge for the mind, body and soul

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Durty Dialogue - SHARDINAY

This is the 1st Interview I seen wid the infamous 'oh boy' Shardinay, she takes the blows like a champ but the interviewer keeps it icy Funny interview

Monday, 16 August 2010

Onion booty Anthem

 See this the otha day I was thinkin dere ain't even been a bumpa anthem in a while I'm always willing to give my support to a big arse

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (Official Video)

This is my Anthem right now Aloe Blacc is definately one to watch this video is crazy aswell

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I'm not a kid anymore but sometimes I sit n wish I was a kid again

I just got sent this by my elder family Kwame Kwaten. This was his group D-Influence who were huge in the 90's with hits like midnight, magic, hypnotise and No illusions which I'm in the video for.

I did this back 92 when I was a propa lil man. This day was mad fun (apart from gettin a fish bone stuck in my tounge) it was a good vibe and a good song from early in their career. They went on to write and produce for some of the biggest acts in game like Seal, Jay Z, Mick Jagger, Mark Morrison, Shola Ama, Lighthouse family, Changing faces, Tom Jones (Reload),Heather Headley, Ultra nate and Diana Ross

Shows you the potential of talent that doesn't know limits no matter where your from, these lots put in a lot of work and crossed borders

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

BIG BEN x Tokyo Grindhouse = Future, Present and Past

Post taken from the Tokyo Grindhouse blog

click here to read the original post

- - -

Greetings and salutations peoples this is my first Tokyo Grindhouse post (i’m new to dis
blogging ting anyway, so be gentle wid me) I thought I’d hit you wid some history on how far
we go back and what we working on so here’s a little Past, present, future breakdown...


This dropped today we caught mad jokes on dis trip. Looks like Fliplifetv is gonna be putting
in a lot of work this year.


This dropped couple weeks back me n Ragz going back to back in Andover estate shouts
to Djgone, it was a funny day, a bunch of preteens on peddle bikes came and ambushed the
shoot started a big cipher hope he uses the footage.


This is a video off Zeetvd of my mixtape launch way back in 2007 which was Dj’d by Brassfoot
and Dj 24/7 good night in all, more love than any one man needs. Bruva Brassfoot came out
last minute and helped me put everything together.

Ragz Sweet Jones and Dash Gambino shot some fresh Ukoverstood videos the other night,
the tracks are super hard so I’ll be posting them as soon as they drop in the next couple days .

Oh and on a last note as you lot will soon learn I am a connoisseur of the bums
and breasteses so i’ll be keepin my eye out for the new grind queen spot fashioned by Sugarlesque

Shout the whole Grind house Family!


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