Wednesday, 4 August 2010

BIG BEN x Tokyo Grindhouse = Future, Present and Past

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Greetings and salutations peoples this is my first Tokyo Grindhouse post (i’m new to dis
blogging ting anyway, so be gentle wid me) I thought I’d hit you wid some history on how far
we go back and what we working on so here’s a little Past, present, future breakdown...


This dropped today we caught mad jokes on dis trip. Looks like Fliplifetv is gonna be putting
in a lot of work this year.


This dropped couple weeks back me n Ragz going back to back in Andover estate shouts
to Djgone, it was a funny day, a bunch of preteens on peddle bikes came and ambushed the
shoot started a big cipher hope he uses the footage.


This is a video off Zeetvd of my mixtape launch way back in 2007 which was Dj’d by Brassfoot
and Dj 24/7 good night in all, more love than any one man needs. Bruva Brassfoot came out
last minute and helped me put everything together.

Ragz Sweet Jones and Dash Gambino shot some fresh Ukoverstood videos the other night,
the tracks are super hard so I’ll be posting them as soon as they drop in the next couple days .

Oh and on a last note as you lot will soon learn I am a connoisseur of the bums
and breasteses so i’ll be keepin my eye out for the new grind queen spot fashioned by Sugarlesque

Shout the whole Grind house Family!

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