Sunday, 22 August 2010

Cut The Chat

Cut the Chat has been runnin for a lil while now its chat show set in a barbershop and has a bunch of celebrity hosts and guests.  H.N.I.C is  by my barber Damon (shout to Slider, and Rocky) co-hosted Femi Oyeniran, Kym Jay, DJ Ace and Little Man And introducing Christiana Mbakwehe’s always been a entertainer and the shows a good look, it happens everyday at the barbershop anyway they may as well film it an get some of dat adverstisin paper. I’ll postin episodes as they drop but subscribe peoples.

This video has Dj Spooney as the main guest he goes in on Tim Westwood for disrespect shown in a hilarious interview with Craig David so disrespectful. Damon hollered me out the blue to come down to the shop he asked me if i’m still spittin I said ‘yeah’ he said ‘come down to the shop at 7:00pm’ I was like cool. I got dere an he says ‘you gotta go head to head with this nex yout (who weren’t there yet) an we’ll judge whose best I thought ‘bless, but let me go yard an change’ he was like ‘theres no time’. Me not even knowing about the whole thing had arragned to meet up with Ukoverstood an hour later. Damon kidnapped me in that shop for over 3 hours of waiting an filming. Funny show though laughed the whole time. I was so twist  tryna act bless, but i think it affected my performance! still went hard though tell me what you think

I also heard on the grape vine (last time i got a trim) they’re expanding the whole project so keep an eye for updates. 
Below are some pics from the launch bout a month back the website has the latest webisode guest starring Natalie from floetry who addresses her problems wid Marsha and is kinda funny herself  all the episodes are good though.

Cut the Chat Launch
Damon the Barber an friend

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