Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Finsbury Park Psalms - Pressure

been slippin on the bloggin lately, sorry people been puttin in a lot of work. I ain't even dropped no word on where the 'The Leftovers' been lurkin My bad. Its been ready for a while but I wanted to leave a lil gap n let you lot listen to the Danny Bones Mixtape and Ragz and Novars album some classic street surahs for the needy kidz.

Before all dat though heres a new video I did the otha day with ZeeTvd my favouritest video since 'I'm ready'

See how fuckin busy I been you lot should appreciate. Shouts to the the Zeetvd workout plan an the hundred miles of runnin I did for dis vid. Special shout out to Mkay Ultra who channelled dat sidney poitier, he ain't neva looked dat concerned bout my black ass, bout to start an actin class in the bits

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